Here it is…big news…the good and the even better.

Here it is…big news…the good and the even better.
We are leaving the studio! (gasp)
After nearly ten years in our Hilderthorpe road studio we are going to be saying our farewells to the space. Never fear, we are still in business, so don’t let anyone get away with telling you otherwise. In the last few years it has become apparent that we spend more and more time outside, either with our pop up studio or on location and we all know Brid has plenty of them. So it has been a carefully planned exit and yes there are factors such as the AAP and recession to name a few, but here’s the better news…We’re still in business and evolving into something we are truly happy with and without studio costs hanging over us, we will become more competitive.
So what happens now? You can still get hold of us via Email, facebook and our same phone number of (01262) 670404. and by next month our good friends at PJL windows will be moving in to the space as a new showroom. That’s all for now, we’ll keep you posted.
Live long and prosper.

Cute little ‘Dallas’… well he was for the photo-shoot anyway! An example of our inclement weather portraits. Everyone wants Spring and summer for outdoor shoots, but here’s the evidence that all year round can bring it’s gems.

Saturday night we popped out to Shades nightclub in Bridlington for anm ‘Alice in thunderland’ gig with new (and crazy good) guitarist Chris. The support act Abbie Lammas was a new one to us and a nice warm up. The new member is an amazing boost to the bands sound and most of all their karma. Make sure you get chance to see these guys loud and live you’ll not regret it…although your ears might!